Our Goal

  1. To provide a safe and healthy haven for the boarders where they feel a sense of family
  2. To develop a holistic personality
  3. To assist them in their academic formation

Our vision is to ensure that the intellectual, moral, physical, emotional and spiritual resources of the individual are developed and utilized fully by offering our students opportunities to study, pray, play and interact with one another with love and respect and to inculcate values of solidarity, peaceful co-existence and responsibility.

• The boarders are provided with space, time, and opportunities to develop academically as well as in their personality by way of schooling, theatre, music and sports.
• However since many of them enter our institution only in the Vth std., their academic foundations are weak and so find it difficult to cope with the classes in school
• Hence in order to help them cope academically, we have started tuition classes for students who wish to avail in English, Maths and Science.Boaridin - Copy
• Last year we took up two objectives with two lines of action
a. To build awareness of society, nation and world at large
 We said we would screen the news for the borders every Sunday, and process it with them. This is being done by Br. Jerome.
b. To enhance their talent in music
 We said we would recruit a music master for the boarding who would guide those interested in tabla and harmonium and would also take charge of the singing classes. We got a Mr. Rajesh from Jhaked village for this purpose but he was unable to persevere and discontinued after his very first Sunday. However the boys have been practicing on their own thanks to the trainings initiated by Br. Justus which is now being followed up by Br. Jerome and so we have our own boys accompanying for mass and prayers.

1. To help the boarders become effective in their studies

Line of Action
1. We will include sessions on Study Skills during the Sunday Orientation Classes

• Morning and Night prayers are said from the Universal Prayer booklet prepared by Amrut Dhara in order to have an inter-religious experience as also to pray for the universal needs of humankind and creation.
• Every Saturday at 5.15 p.m. there is a singing class as a preparation for Sunday Mass and for feast days a special hymn sheet is prepared and practiced for 3 to 4 days.
• In order to make known the life of Christ to the boarders, Br. Tony uses Bible Stories in his Good Night Talks
• Last year we took up one objective
a. To create a sense of God in daily life
 We said we would help our boarders have a variety of prayer experiences by organizing special 45 minute prayer services on every 3rd Sunday of the month. We were unsuccessful in following this up because of other programmes that creeped in. However, we have begun the practice of helping the boarders observe a period of silence from 12.15 pm to 12.25 pm, in order to remember and thank God for our Benefactors and Blessings.

1. To help the boarders appreciate prayer moments

Line of Action
1. We will make an extra effort in taking practices for Mass readings, singing, animation, and will ensure that the daily prayers are animated meaningfully
• Currently the boarders have been categorised into two groups, viz., Juniors comprising students from V-VII and Seniors comprising students from VIII-X.
• The boys have been allotted a group each according to the Boarding House System.
• In order to create a suitable ambience for forming responsible leaders and to offer a systematic training to all our students and in particular to our student leaders, these are given a chance to organize a Saturday Night Special once every month under the guidance of the brother assistant.
• Last year we took up one objective with one line of action
a. To help our boarders integrate themselves as responsible members in the human family
1. We said that the Brother Assistant would conduct seminars from the book Scaffoldings on the 1st and 3rd Sunday Afternoons of every month. He has been adapting the sessions of this book and having orientations with the boys.


Lines of Action
• Currently boarders don’t seem to have any set goals for their life. They are here to procure a Don Bosco Education and move on with a desire to get some source of livelihood.
• Last year as in the previous year we took up one objective that we would help youngsters discover their vision for life and guide them through a vision formulation. We said that the rector would meet students of Std. X both as a group as well as individually and help them reflect on the purpose of life. However it couldn’t materialize because of time constraints.

1. To help youngsters develop a vision for life

Lines of Action
1. The Good Night talks will focus on the theme of vision oriented living where we will highlights the lives and achievements of Visionary People