Our Goal

  1. To build up the faith of the people
  2. To instill a sense of community and bonding
  3. To improve their quality of life

Our vision is to establish a faith filled community where families live in unity and love and actively and enthusiastically participate in every programme of the parish, whereby everyone is challenged to live a good and genuine Christian life – Catholic life.

• Currently in most of the families in our parish, parents have ensured that their children both boys and girls have the opportunity to go to school.DSC09068
• However there are quite a few who cannot afford higher education or opt for ambitious careers on account of economic and academic poverty.
• We have been giving priority to the children of our parish to attend our school and boarding and concessions are made available to students who are economically poor.
• However, many children in our parish have not availed of our school and boarding because of an unwillingness to adjust, or because they don’t like being in the boarding, or because of other unexpressed reasons.
• Some youngsters have attained qualifications but find themselves unemployed.
• In order to help the economically poor youth to avail higher education, we have helped provide scholarships through our educational fund, letters of recommendation to benefactors and heads of institutions, and also through scholarships offered by the Church and private individuals.
• Last year we took up one objective with one line of action. It was carried out successfully.
a) To ensure that our catholic children enroll in our school and boarding
 We made personal family visits and encouraged them and gave the necessary concessions and convinced them of the advantages of procuring a Don Bosco Education. As a result we had six of our children who availed of the offer.

1. To encourage our parish children to excel in their studies

Line of Action
1. We will offer a Cash Prize of Rs. 1000/- for children who get A+ and 500/- for A grade in the final exams.
2. We will offer concession or even charge no fee for helping our parish children avail of the tuition services

• The Catholics and Christians on the campus and around have an opportunity for daily Eucharist at 7.00 am. It is weekly animated by different animators.
• Sunday masses at 7.30 a.m. for children and 9.00 a.m. for the parishioners were well organized and animated by different animators & catechist. Last year we decided to have only one parish mass at 9.00 a.m. at which our boarding students would join the parishioners.
• Sunday Catechism was taken by the Salesian Sisters in two groups V-VII & VIII-X for both Catholic and Christians from 8.00 a.m. to 8.45 a.m.
• Christmas and New Year the midnight mass and day’s mass are well animated.
• The Holy Family feast is a special event of the parish, well celebrated with procession, Holy Eucharist and a short programme for the parishioners.
• All the services of the holy week are well organized at the centre.
• We had a Holy Communion Camp during the Diwali Vacations at the end of which 21 children received Holy Comunion. On the Holy Communion Day 5 children were baptized and initiated into the sacramental life. We had a ConParish Feast Processionfirmation Camp in the month of May at the end of which 17 youngsters received Confirmation.
• Annual team visit to each family of the parish every year.
• Every month one mass is celebrated in every village (9villages).
• Salesian Sisters conduct a BCC prayer once a month in every village and the Luzern Sisters conduct a Prayer Service or Bhajan Mandali once a month in every village.
• The village feast is celebrated with a novena organized in every village by parish council members; as well as one day as a feast day in every village with Procession, Novena and a solemn Holy Eucharist.
• The Christmas novena is held in every village by the parish council members as well as one day in each village house to house carol singing, family blessing, small token in the form of holy articles given to every family and confessions.
• During Lent every Friday the way of the cross at the centre as well as in the villages are organized. One day in every village is focused as a preparation for confessions.
• The Easter Blessings are done with a short animation from house to house.
• Rosary is prayed before mass at the centre as well as in the villages.
• In order to help the faithful grow in devotion and in an authentic understanding of Marian truths, we have ensured that our parish was well animated on the lines of the diocesan plan for animating the faithful in preparation for the Marian Congress which was held on 19th September 2012. We animated a Nine Sunday Novena on Marian themes. We had a Marian Fair on the Feast of the Nativity of our Lady.
• Last year we took up one objective with three lines of action. We didn’t meet the ends of what was planned.
a. To make the Year of Faith come alive in the lives of our parishioners and to help them grow in faith
i. We said we would ensure that our parish was well animated on the lines of the diocesan plan for animating the faithful in preparation for the Faith Congress which would be held in the first week of November. However the Diocese did not give us any direction for this event. The only diocesan level activity was the conclusion to the year for which about 15 of our parishioners participated.
ii. We would animate a Nine Sunday Novena on Faith Themes, but the Diocese did not propose any material
iii. We were to organize a Charismatic Retreat for the entire Deanery somewhere in the month of September. But the contact person went out of station and another parish in the Deanery took up the responsibility which ultimately failed to materialize.

1. To help Catholic Families in our Parish to nurture faith in families.

Line of Action
1. We will intensify our intervention in theDSC06129 - Copy village visits by accommodating one more day of every week in our animation schedule for the year and focus on Family Catechesis Sessions during those visits.
2. We will ensure that parishioners attend the deanery level Faith Building Programmes according to their groups (Children, Youth, Couples, Senior Citizens)


• Every month on 1st Saturdays Altar Servers Meeting is organized.
• Sunday Catechism is animated for all Christians of the boarding and Catholics in the vicinity.
• The BCC group of the parish has backslidden in spite of a special seminar they were taken for which was organized on the Deneary Level
• Before any major event in the Parish, we have the Parish Council Meeting.
• Every year during lent a Yatra / Pilgrimage is organized for the parishioners to holy shrine and different parishes.
• Last year we took up three objectives with three lines of action.
a. To ensure that every group is acquainted with Salesian Youth Spirituality, we said we would organize seminars on Salesian Youth Spirituality for the parish council, BCC representatives, altar servers, youth and catechism students at appropriate times during the year but we couldn’t achieve this target because we didn’t make the time for it on account of the many other activities that evolved.
b. To get the Parish Council to be proactive we said we would send the Parish Council members for a seminar organized by the deanery on 14th July 2013 at Kapadvanj. We did this and also sent them for a Diocesan Level animation at Nadiad in March 2014. But it does not seem to have any visible effect on them.
c. To revive the BCC groups and to get at least one person to attend the National Seminar on BCCs which will be organized in Goa from 18th-22nd November 2013, we said we would organize periodic BCC animators’ meetings. We sent the BCC Parish Council Team for a BCC training, but things have yet to pick up.

1. To ensure that every group is acquainted with Salesian Youth Spirituality.

Line of Action
1. We will organize a one-day seminar each for the parishioners on Salesian Spirituality according to the groups Children, Youth, Couples, Senior Citizens during the year as part of the Bi-Centenary Animation

• By and large the vocational slant towards religious life is pretty bleak.DSC09799
• The Youth of our parish are currently in the phase of setting their careers on track and are struggling to get their cast certificates which could help them access government benefits.
• To help the young discern their sense of direction in life the parish priest has been meeting youngsters and has been speaking to them about their life’s calling.
• Last year we had two youngsters manifesting signs of a vocation to the priesthood and had expressed their desire. One youngster was from Jikaria village and the other from Virakuva.
• Last year we took up two objectives with three lines of action
a) To help the young discern their sense of direction in life and to propose the vocation to religious life
a. The parish priest would meet the youngsters personally and help them explore God’s will for their lives. This was done on occasions of family visits with a word in the ear and general encouragement.
b. The parish priest would follow up the probable vocations personally by keeping them as boarding masters, meeting them periodically for spiritual direction, talking to their parents, and training him in English. This was done, but the probable vocation from Virakuva discontinued after Diwali Vacations, and the youngster from Jikariya even made it to the Vocation Camp in Kapadvanj but discontinued his pursuit even though he was selected. This region does not seem ripe as yet for vocations to the priesthood.

b) To help our Catholic Youth access government benefits
a. We said we would try setting up systems by which our parishioners/youth could get their cast certificates and guide them in procuring their entitlements from the government through our Social Office – DEEP. We did this by directing our parishioners to Anand for a seminar on accessing scholarships which was orgainsed by the management of St. Xavier’s School Gamdi. We also availed of the services of a Muslim NGO that offered to get central government scholarships for minorities. Some of our parishioners did avail of these benefits.
1. To groom vocations from the Alter-servers’ Group

Lines of Action
1. We will organize the curriculum for Altar servers training more systematically and have two monthly meetings instead of one.