Our Goal
(Gujarati & English Medium)

  1. To provide an integrated education rather than merely instructing or imparting knowledge (just teaching a subject).
  2. To offer a vision (values, meaning, needs expressed through the curriculum) which makes the young people; person a true educator.
  3. To help the young people to acquire Communication skills and other useful skills and to make them smart to face the world.
  4. To improve the oral, aural and written skills in every subject they are learning
  5. To form attitudes or relatively stable structures in the personalities of the young (self esteem, sociability, involvement, self confidence, respect for elders, love for the poor, sensitive to nature, solidarity, a sense of responsibility, openness…) which allows them to act with freschool - Copyedom and guides them towards the critical understanding of reality and supportive attitude towards people, and towards an openness to the transcendent.
  6. To cultivate respect for elders
  7. To promote creative and meaningful learning.
  8. To help instill in pupils the learning of science through personal discovery.
  9. To help students to understand the art of planning studies.
  10. To evolve a holistic plan for general discipline in keeping with the Salesian style of education based on the Preventive System.

Our vision is to achieve Truth through Knowledge, Service and Humility; to develop over all character through an integral education, inculcating moral uprightness, developing physical talents, fostering intellectual skills and competence and furthering cultural development and social integration.

• We are administering a school with good infrastructure, a good name and many parents want to admit their children into our school. Most of the teachers are sufficiently motivated to teach and they are quite duty conscious. They are quite proficient in teaching the subjects allotted to them.
• We are educating many Hindus in our school and we also have a boarding for nearly 80% of Hindus. Any Catholic who seeks admission in our school is taken in. We also help a lot of students with concessions, uniforms, free books, scholarships etc. A number of non Catholic students are also given concession as they are economically and financially very poor. TheDSC07818y would hardly get their daily wages sometimes.
• Lots of other opportunities are given to the students by way of extra-curricular activities, sports, competitions, coaching, cultural programmes, career guidance, and motivation seminars which are organized unfailingly.
• Students speak only in Gujarati language. Hence their mastery of the Hindi/English language is little slow and poor. There is a general lack of motivation and interest in studies from the students. Many of them know that they can copy and pass. Even their parents are supporters of this cause. Slowly the impact of media (TV, cinema, pornography etc.) on our students. The follow up of parents is slow and lacking.
• The Principal in the meeting with the staff of the school speaks about the insistence of the preventive system of Don Bosco, dealing with the students, caring for the weaker students and emphasis on the extracurricular activities. He also speaks to the staff about the discipline and the directives given by the government in the circulars on a regular basis.
• Last year we took up four objectives under the section on Education and culture and were able to achieve three of the four targets successfully
a. To appreciate and preserve the diverse cultural background of the target group – the students were offered opportunities to exchange the richness of their indigenous culture in all their extracurricular activities through folk dance, organic foods, dress code etc.
b. To contextualize our educational policies and systems – Economically backward admissions were followed up personally by the respective staff and Management.
c. To train our teachers to attend to the specific needs of children with learning disabilities – Fr. Ajoy was invited to conduct the LD Seminar for our teachers on 28th November 2012.
d. To ensure that the rights of children are safeguarded and teachers are abreast with the latest trends in laws with regard to Children’s protection – this target is pending.
• Last year we took up two objectives
a. To improve the internal dynamics within the staff thus helping them serve the children better
i. We said we would organize a seminar or sessions on Team and Vision Building for our teaching staff. However since our school recruited to be evaluated by the Adhyayan Group, we couldn’t make time for this objective.
b. To conscientize students on the culture of death rampant in society today and inspire them to become agents of peace and harmony
i. We said we would put up the play JAGRUTI for the Feast of Don Bosco and integrate the School Annual Day with the Feast, where we would invite the parents of the students, parishioners, fathers and sisters of the diocese and also give them an evening meal. We succeeded in putting up the play on the annual day, but we couldn’t have it on the feast of Don Bosco because of the prelim exams. The play was well appreciated.

1. To protect the rights of the children and ensure that we have a safe educational environment
2. To encourage cultural appreciation and enhancement

Lines of Action
1. We will organize a Seminar on the Child Policy and Child Protection Policy for our teachers
2. It being the silver jubilee year of our school, we will organize Inter-School Rangoli, Garba, Folk Song, and Mahendi Competitions
• Both Catholic and Non Catholic boys & girls have moral science and catechism classes twice a week for 30 minutes, on Tuesday and Friday.
• Everyday we have school assembly and talks are given by Salesians & Teachers and Students.
• First Friday of every month we have the celebration of the Holy Eucharist for Catholics and Christians. The Catholic teachers are in-charge of organizing and animating the Eucharist. At the same time the Non-Catholics students have some animation programme, or a prayer service that is sent to us bDSC08155 - Copyy our animation centre ‘Amrut Dhara’ from Kapadvanj, Gujarat.
• During the month of January school assembly talks are given by Salesians, Teachers and Students on Don Bosco.
• The entire IX std. class has a special value education programme for the whole year, organized and animated by Amrut Dhara.
• To form in our students a sense of commitment to values for personal, spiritual and social transformation, Fr. Isaac has conducted a Value education Seminar for Stds VIII, IX & X.
• To educate our students to a sense of Justice and Human Rights Fr. Ignas allotted one hour in each term to Sr. Dora, FMA to conduct human rights seminar for our children.
• Last year we took up two objectives and both were achieved successfully
a. To help our students to share a spirit of generosity and joy in an effort to spread God’s kingdom
i. We said our school would invite the Std. 3-5 students of a poor school in our locality and organize a Christmas tree for them. We achieved this objective by inviting two schools for the programme on 4th January 2014. The programme went on very well. There was a Christmas message given by Fr. Isaac, cultural programme performed by our school students, games, yells, gifts and snacks which were bought from the savings done by our school students and of course with help also from the management.
b. To give an added boost to Value Education among the students as they enter the age of reason
i. We said we would enroll our Std. VIII. students for the Value Education Programme organized by Amrut Dhara, at the Deanery Level. We did this and our students participated in the yearly programme planned by Amrut Dhara with our teachers and also in the Val Ed. Day held at Balasinor.
1. To make the Good Morning Talks more effective
2. To introduce our children’s parents to the Salesian Spirituality so that they be encouraged to cultivate a healthy spirituality and know what their children are taught especially in the area of shaping attitudes and actions that make one spiritual
3. To create a culture of self-giving

Lines of Action
1. We will make use of Multimedia highlighting Inspirational Stories once a month on Saturdays during the school assembly
2. We will organize a seminar on Salesian Spirituality for the Parents
3. We will organize a Blood Donation Camp and invite Parents & Past-Pupils to donate

• Our students represent the various social strata of our society. We have rich and poor students from various religions, castes and various parts of town and villages. We see the importance of giving them a good group experience that will help them to accept each other in the larger society. We have the following groups.
• Students’ Council; Scouts and Guides; House system – 4 groups; Eco clubs
• To help the groups form a strong identity so as to help them motivate themselves in giving their best to their respective groups each group has a monthly meeting to boost their progress in personal growth as members of their respective groups.
• Last year we took up one objective and one line of action
a. To ensure that every group is acquainted with Salesian Youth Spirituality
 We said that Fr. Isaac would organize seminars on Salesian Youth Spirituality for the students of Std. VIII, IX & X at which all the groups will be integrated. However we were unable to do so because in the course of the year we were given an invite from USM Indore DSC01731 - Copyto participate in their programme to train youth leaders. So we thought of doing the SYS later and grab the opportunity of the invite from USM community.
 So Fr. Isaac took six children and a teacher for the Knit India held at Indore from 28Dec-1Jan, and on coming back animated the whole school for an entire week during the School Assembly on the nature and scope of USM. We also had a parents’ seminar to introduce them to this new activity we would like to take up in the school for the coming year.

1. To ensure that every group is acquainted with Salesian Youth Spirituality
2. Launch USM officially as a new venture in fostering Enlightened Leadership under a new banner called ‘Bosco’s Youth in Universal Solidarity’ (BYUS).

Lines of Action
1. Fr. Isaac will organize seminars on Salesian Youth Spirituality for the students of Std. VIII, IX & X at which all the groups will be integrated.
2. Fr. Isaac will recruit the Students’ Council and other willing students to form a new group called ‘Bosco’s Youth in Universal Solidarity’ (BYUS). We will have monthly core group meetings, attend a full-fledged leadership programme at Indore, and offer to host the KNIT INDIA in Dakor.


• A journalism course is organized every year by RISTA, while career guidance seminars too have been conducted over the years
• Last year we said we would help our students aim for the Civil Services and break from the routine choices, and so we invited Ankur to organize the Career guidance seminar for our school students (std IX & X)

1. To help our children understand the need for career counseling and help them pursue their goals with vision and urgency
2. To encourage the initiatives of our past-pupils who want to give back to the school thus encouraging them to live the vocational dimension of Salesian Youth Spirituality
3. To help our Teachers appreciate and accept their call to live Salesian Spirituality

Lines of Action
1. We will get our past-pupils to organize a Career Seminar for our Std. X students
2. We will help them set up a Corpus Fund that will help Poor Students, Sports Activities and Campus Development
3. We will organize a Seminar on Salesian Spirituality for our Teachers